Filter ePM1 50% (F7)

Temporary extended delivery time! This set consists of 1x filter ePM1 50% (F7).
  • - Original Filter produced by Zehnder
  • - Quantity discount: 5+ Sets 5%, 10+ Sets 10%
  • - Temporary extended delivery time!
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More to know about our Filter ePM1 50% (F7)

This set consists of 1x filter ePM1 50% (F7).

ePM1 50% are the names according to the new filter standard ISO 16890. ePM1 refers to particles 0,3-1 micron.

ePM1 50% means that at least 50% of particles in size range 0.3 - 1 micron are removed.

F7 is the classification earlier used.

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